Manuscript submission at International Journal of Rehabilitation sciences (IJRS) is online through electronic mail. Those unable to do so can submit two hard copies of the manuscript and two copies of the figures along with a soft copy (CD) to:



Editor in Chief, IJRS (International Journal of Rehabilitation sciences) House No 45,Street No 18,Block C,PWD Islamabad- 44000 (Pakistan)



Covering letter All manuscripts should be accompanied by a covering letter from the authors responsible for the manuscript. Mention title, submission type, full names, degrees, affiliated institute, institutional title, e-mail address, corresponding address and phone numbers of all authors. It must explain the importance of the study and the reason it should be considered for publication in IJRS. Contributions of all authors should also be declared along with conflict of interest and funding information if applicable. The covering letter should also contain a statement that the manuscript has been seen and approved by all authors and should give any additional information which may be helpful to the Editor. If there has been any prior publication of any part of the work, this should be acknowledged and appropriate written permission included. If color illustrations are included, a statement that the author(s) is (are) willing to bear the cost of color separation and reproduction is requested.

Undertaking/Certificate To start the processing of the article, each manuscript must have a duly signed undertaking/certificate. Undertaking/Certificate is different from a cover letter. Undertaking must mention that the research conducted was original, not submitted to any other publication (abstracts, conference proceeding, journal) and unpublished. The editors of IJRS have the right to suggest changes, hold or reject from publication at any stage. The editor also holds the right to retract any article on account of ethical misconduct after the printing of any article. It should also contain the copyright disclosure transferring ownership of the article to IJRS.