Association Between Student Life Stress Inventory Scale Score And Cortisol Hormonal Test Value In Undergraduate DPT Students

  • Abdul Ghafoor
  • Aqsa Mobeen
  • Maham Javed
  • Hamid Hussian


Background: The level of stress is being observed in majority of population. There are multiple associated stressors that contribute to cause stress and affect human wellbeing either positively or negatively. Most of the stressful circumstances have a bad impact on individual’s overall health status. Different methods are used to measure these stressors.

Objective: To find out the association between cortisol hormonal test value and student life stress inventory scale in undergraduate DPT students.

Methodology: A descriptive cross sectional study was done at Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences and Pakistan Railway Hospital Rawalpindi. Convenient non probability sampling technique was used and a sample size of 80 undergraduate DPT students was selected having age group in a range of 18 to 26 years. Data was collected by conducting serum plasma cortisol test and through a standardized tool which is student life stress inventory scale. After data collection it was analyzed by IBM SPSS 20.

Results: Among 80 students 40 males and 40 female. According to SSI 54 students perceive moderate stress. No of students affected by self-imposed stressors were 59. Males have more frequency of hypercortisolism. Healthy weight and overweight BMI students have hypercortisolism. According to stress inventory scale score 8 students were identified with mild, 5 students were identified with moderate and 1 student was identified with severe stress had hypercortisolism.

Conclusion: Majority of participants who reported moderate stress according to self-reported student life stress inventory scale were actually falling in category of normal cortisol level showed by biomarker which indicates exaggerated response of students while filling self-reported questionnaire.

Key Words: Cortisol Hormone, Stress Inventory Scale, Undergraduate DPT Students.

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